MLive Media Group has always offered social consultations for our clients. Generally speaking, these involve half-day workshops and a content calendar for your team to use, as well as an “on-call” member of our social team to assist when questions arise. But business needs are changing overnight in the face of COVID-19, and you need answers, fast. MLive Media Group is responding by offering a quick, 15-minute social media consultation FREE.

We know that small businesses are the ones that will need our support right away. As a result, our “quick” consults are being offered at no charge for the first time ever. And, as a way to deepen our commitment to the community that needs social media support, we are deeply discounting those services as well.

The marketing professionals on our team are sharing stories of their clients who, in the face of COVID-19 are realizing that their business landscape has literally changed overnight. The stories are difficult to hear second and third hand, and at MLive Media Group, we are working closely with our teams to be sure we are able to adjust in light of the new needs we are hearing from our valued clients.

As a result, our team is making changes to adjust to our community’s changing needs. We are launching a series of blogs to assist businesses as they adjust to these new circumstances. We hope these are helpful and are open to your questions or thoughts on what you need to see here! If you want to reach out or have ideas, send us a note at

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FREE Webinar: Marketing During Times of Uncertainty

Join us for a FREE WEBINAR, called “Marketing During Times of Uncertainty.” Led by Eric Hultgren (with possible special guests), we’ll be performing this webinar…

FREE DOWNLOAD: Marketing in Uncertain Times

These tips will help you to stay frugal, stay purposeful, and offer a clear direction.

Seeking Ways To Help, Restaurant Partners Support Staff

While the carryout-only model would not sustain their numerous locations long term and forced closure, the business wanted to help its employees however possible.


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