Are you the lone digital wolf in an analog world? Congratulations. While frustrating, this is probably the best testament to the vision of (your organization’s) leadership you’ve gotten. They don’t get you, but they know you’re important.

Aside from being able to throw phrases like “longtail keyword” and “canonical tag” in meetings (shoutout to Moz), this means you have a vision and can see a horizon line well out of the sights of those around you. If you don’t have support in bringing the rest of the team along, you’ll feel it sooner rather than later. Because despite being the incredible digital force that you are, you’re still only one voice.

Here are a few tips on how to combat your lone-wolfness.

Go Live with Analytics

That’s right. Throw the GA Dashboard on the screen and describe what you see to those who will listen. Extra credit if the audience has “Chief” in his or her title, and bonus points when you connect a marketing activity to a spike in organic traffic and conversions.

Make a Model of Your Funnel

Every Business Has One. How many site visits does it take to generate a VDP view in your dealership? How many of those will constitute a lead? A test drive? A sale? Name the percentage of decay between each level and track them religiously. When the percentage changes, dig to learn why. Then amplify that action to change the dealership’s return on the same investment. And shame on you if you don’t show the “math” to the people that count.

Get real about Testing

If your team does any advertising at all, they need to be testing the message. How do you know that the billboard message will work? Let’s not “take a stab at it” to the tune of $10K a month. Instead, use social to test several messages. The one with the most engagement is the winner. Put that on the billboard. (Or better yet, don’t buy a billboard at all, and stick to digital. But that’s a blog for another day.)

Talk About What’s Obsolete

Get scary. Demonstrate the obsolescence of devices, technologies. [Shout out to Nate on the MLive content team, with whom I had a big laugh last week about holding the handle up on my car door to lock it…in 1992.) But don’t let the conversation stop. Point out the model for today, and keep the convo going.

Find partners that are on your side, beating the digital drum. Fly the flag proudly. Do your part to make more disciples of technology and digital medium. (I’ll help however I can.)


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