Think With Google said it best, “Today’s consumers are in complete control of their path to purchase.”  In 2019, the path to conversion is no longer a straight line. Reaching the audience and influencing them is no longer a one-and-done methodology.

With a smartphone in hand, consumers can see a product in their feed, and immediately move to discovery around that product. From a single impression in display, the user’s response is to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, often looking for user reviews and user generated content (UGC) to complete the research. Product videos on YouTube are cited by 90% of consumers as influential, with more than half describing that online video has helped them decide between brands.

With more than a billion hours of video consumed on YouTube daily, the role of video is no longer “awareness.” According to Cisco, IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021!

Consider Your Strategy. Why is your Audience Watching?


Watching video might not begin with an intent to buy. But the act of watching is to satiate a curiosity. It often sparks further research, and moves someone to the end of their purchase journey more quickly.  Creative content will inspire consumers to be more open to discovery.

Learning New Skills

From understanding how to master the art of flambé to learning how to compost kitchen scraps, consumers are searching for and consuming informative, tutorial-style content at a breakneck pace.


Search, especially voice search, is used to answer questions. The trick: determining what the question is before it’s asked, and having the video content developed that is the answer to that question. Your product or service can be positioned as the answer without feeling commercial to the user. Frame your expertise as informative, rather than a call for a sale.

Watching Others Do It First

When the subject in the video is relatable, the audience responds. When others make a task or skill seem achievable, they are more likely to begin themselves. Why? Because video is a relaxation technique for many, and its easy to get hooked—either by a topic or by the person featured. “Watch one and love it” transitions to “watch them all” quickly. Binging is real.


55% of consumers admit they’ve watched product videos in the store, while deciding in real time which product to purchase.

Video has arrived as the tactic that lives in every stage of the decision journey. It helps people discover brands and ideas, positions your brand as a helpful expert and enables action to be taken. From IAB, “the interplay of technology and consumer behavior is driving current and emerging trends that push and shape the evolving video landscape.”


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