Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal for cannabis brands and dispensaries. It’s extremely important to connect, educate and stay connected to retain (and gain!) customers. We also know that cannabis users are eager to learn about new products and feel a sense of connection to their dispensaries. Loyalty programs, your organic social media feed, and newsletters are a great way to retain current clients. We’ve discussed a few of the driving factors behind connecting with cannabis customers in past blogs, here.

One-to-One Contact Using Email

A client recently shared that since launching their digital and video campaign with us, they’d seen a steady increase in their newsletter subscriptions. An important goal for them was the growth of their CRM and client base. MLive offered a new, unique solution, specifically for cannabis CRM growth. The platform

  • Utilizes a proprietary algorithm to identify and target buyers searching for cannabis products within the past 7 days
  • Serves ads to this custom audience across sites/apps such as,,, using IP matching. That means your ad is delivered directly into this active audience’s inbox and retargets those who engaged with your email 48 hours later
  • The end result? We deliver HOT and WARM leads to add to your database.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Email Leads

These aren’t just any email leads either. They are people that, for example, have been shopping for cannabis or THC in the last 7 days. The segmentation is strong, too–it can be dialed down further to “In market for edibles” if that’s your preferred audience, for instance.

A Sample Campaign Timeline

Your audience opens an email and finds your brand there. Now that they’ve seen you once, we build frequency to gain brand recognition and product awareness. The lead lists we deliver include the first name, last name, email address, and full postal information of everyone who opened and clicked on the email throughout the campaign.

Connect, educate and stay connected to retain (and gain!) customers with this revolutionary email program.

Contributed By Michelle DeMink, Account Executive


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