The creative team of MLive Media Group is often called upon to generate content ideas for our clients. And some days that is the most fun we ever had (like when we got to shoot video and stills in a Palm Beach Resort Hotel or on Michigan’s Crown Jewel, for instance). But sometimes, it can be a slow-moving, arduous process of trial and error. It’s probably true that we aren’t alone in that feeling, so we thought we’d share a list of ideas we have for generating fresh content.



New product features, new ways to use your best seller, new customers for your business, whatever the subject of the list, a list is a great way to generate written content (or, even better, a visual such as an infographic.) It isn’t a mistake that the first item on our list of ways to generate content is, in fact, a list.


Go Micro and Macro

Write a story, take photos, or generally focus on the biggest and the smallest. This could be literal, like a story of your entire footprint and of the small town where your business is headquartered. Or, it could be something surrounding the product as a whole, and then descriptions of its components. Whatever you pick, make sure the juxtaposition is strong.


Tell the story in audio

Capture the sounds of children seeing your latest book for the first time. Manufacture Tupperware? Why not capture the sounds of a lunchroom. Get creative and experiment with what might tell a tiny version of your story.


Introduce someone or something not related

For this how-to-video, I’m introducing a visitor to our office, my Mom…”


Informative Download

Give a taste of your expertise in whitepaper or handout format. Be sure it includes your contact information!


Record The Story

Podcasting often means you don’t have to write it down—but instead tell the story around a table comfortably.


Interview a Key Player

The owner, founder, or a key customer is a great place to start.


Tutorial videos

Show how to use your product in detail.



Show the history of your product launch, organization, or groups it serves.


Spotlight a Charitable Organization

Tell the story of a charity you support. Show images of your staff volunteering.


Staff Biographies, including family photos

The story will be more enjoyable if it isn’t just “this is Jeff, he’s been here for 12 years”


Need more inspirations?

Try something like this.

Struggling to generate content is real for any creative, or any team, especially those responsible for generating social media messaging. “Viral” is an impossible goal. Aim for consistency, measure the wins, and do more like those! But most important, create a steady stream, whatever that means for your brand.


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