Companies need talented workers.

46% of HR Leaders report recruiting as their top priority.

Acquiring new talent is hard, especially when 36% of HR professionals indicate they don’t have the resources necessary to recruit at the scale dictated by their organization.

Employees Seek to Understand Organizational Culture and Priorities Before Applying

86% of employees look at company reviews and ratings before applying. They want to know that they’ll gain a sense of purpose from their work, leadership is engaged, and that their peers are supportive of the organization’s growth and culture. As a recruiter, you need a solution that will tell the stories of your business, in a way that will influence those 86% of seekers in the job market.

Data Integration

90% of consumers cite video as useful in their decision making (Hubspot).

Companies using video to promote their brand experience a lift of 41% in site traffic over their non-video marketing competition (SmallBizTrends).

And more than half of executives share that if there is both video and text on a webpage, they’ll consume the video first, with 95% of the messaging being recalled, as opposed to 10% in text (Forbes).

Video brings your company, culture and people to life, highlighting your best assets, and its versatility makes an impact in every stage of the recruitment journey.

Distribute newly created recruitment video to showcase your company, culture and open positions to an audience of passive and active job seekers. Video will be distributed across multiple platforms for maximum reach of your target market.

Video platforms utilized will include:


YouTube Video

In-Story Video

Paid Social


Results Driven Marketing

Job boards do not always have a strategic approach in finding quality candidates. We realize the digital landscape can have a tremendously positive effect on recruitment strategies. Using our results driven model, we recently implemented a recruitment campaign for one of our clients and increased their interview to hire ratio from 9% to 33%.

Let us develop the right-sized solution for your recruitment needs.

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11 Million People are Shopping on their Smartphone while On A Dealer Lot

11 Million. That’s a huge number. Are you positioning yourself to be the answer to the questions posed in those searches? Are you generating awareness, interest, and conversions through your website, and using your CRM data intelligently?

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