I am your top fan!

If you have over 10,000 followers and have turned on the Facebook top fan badge, you’ve heard this from your community recently. Top fans will receive an icon next to their name that identifies them as the most active on your page. Perhaps they are your advocates when you are not there. But once you have people in your ecosystem that have been awarded the badge, how do you keep them? What can you do with the badge? How can you get more top fans?

These are all great questions but before we answer this, let’s do a little business math. On average your Facebook page represents around 1-5% of your total audience. This would mean that top fans are a tiny sliver of that audience. This is great because they love you. But don’t make sweeping changes to your brand because of them. You wouldn’t leave 90% of your actual audience behind because a small minority pushed you into a direction they thought was necessary.

That doesn’t mean top fans are bad or even evil, it just means we need to understand who they are and what stake they have in the company, remembering the percentage of your followers they truly represent.

What to do for them?

Here are three quick things you can do for “top fans” to continue to treat them with some surprise and delight for being your most invested followers.


Create a post for just top fans.

When you post organically, you can select who sees those organic posts and for the most part, people tend to default to “public.” However, you could create a series of content that is targeted to just top fans and gets them exclusive material, or early exposure to events or other desirable brand activity. If you haven’t done a group yet, this might also allow you to discover what sort of content should be in that group that doesn’t appear on your main page.


Shout out to the top fans!

Take a moment when one of your top fans says or does something on your page to give them a “shout out” so they can feel that their contribution on your page matters to you and your brand.



If you can figure out who these fans are and have any data on them, you could send them some brand swag as a thank you. If you like this idea and don’t have any data you could reach out to them on messenger and get the data that way. No, that isn’t as fun but it still will make them feel special and achieve the connection both of you are looking for.

The top fan is a fun badge that allows businesses to dig a bit deeper into their relationships with customers, turning those advocates into superusers who will continue to give feedback, be interested in beta products, and share the word about your product.


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