Imagine you’ve decided to a search for a new home. Where do you begin your search? Most of you will not simply drive to the nearest real estate office, open your wallet, and ask an agent what you can get for what’s inside.

Some may immediately feel the need to drive through a few neighborhoods to get a look at the possibilities. Others may begin crunching numbers, reviewing budgets or calling in support to determine what they can reasonably afford. Another group might turn to their computers or smartphones to browse apps like Zillow or ApartmentFinder. Others start writing a list of necessary features that the new space should have.

The likelihood that you answered differently than other readers is incredibly high, because no two customers are alike when making a purchase decision.

What does this has to Do with Cannabis Advertising?

In the cannabis industry, purchasing decisions are based on price, availability, and convenience as well as brand attributes like quality, familiarity, and trust.

When is a cannabis CPG purchasing decision made?

For an average cannabis consumer packaged goods brand, the pipeline from production to consumption breaks down a little like this:

As a representative of the CPG brand, production is the only stage within your control. Once products leave your facility, someone else maintains quality, share its story, and delivers it to the consumer. Once it’s in the transport bay, that product is no longer yours alone. In order to ensure that product’s story is the right one, cannabis brands should take control of the message early, maintaining consistency in that message over an extended period of time.

How does a cannabis user consider the decision to buy?

Let’s consider the path to purchase for consumers of cannabis products.

A significant portion of your advertising strategy should be dedicated to top-of-funnel growth of brand awareness. Ensuring your brand message is viewed as intended is crucial to the users end-experience. Brand awareness drives sales from the point of intrigue, which drives intent to purchase.

Factors that drive purchasing decisions can include:

• Brand Attributes - Quality, Familiarity, Trust
• Sales Experience - Price, Availability, Convenience

What drives the average cannabis consumer down the path to purchase?

The opportunities for your cannabis CPG brand to achieve throughput from production to consumption are heightened through the distinct presentation of a consistent, accurate, well-rounded message which ensures that a consumer of your product will be met with the ideal brand attributes measuring quality, familiarity, and trust. To sell your product, give the people the information yourself.

Brand awareness concepts and campaigns should be a critical, long-term play in your cannabis brand’s advertising strategy. The market is craving consistency, and brands that consistently deliver on trust are seeing sales growth.

Contributed By Erin Bernhard, Account Executive


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