Grow Your Practice through Improved Visibility, Referrals and Targeted Media

Our team of seasoned healthcare marketers are best equipped to understand and connect the changing healthcare landscape with the best digital tech in marketing. Your business goals become our own, and we know better than the competition how to execute.

Increase referrals and new patients

Build Trust to be the Preferred Provider

In an age when every patient is an online researcher and reviewer, hospitals and physician practices must work harder than ever to tell their story and build their brand. At MLive Media Group, we know healthcare. We’ll help you identify and engage new patients, while at the same time building trust and reputation online in order to increase referrals from other providers.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Healthcare marketing requires best-in-class promotions. We use data you already have, plus first- and third-party data we own. Together, these drive activity and generate results.


7% of Google’s daily searches are health related. Let us help present your brand to those looking for answers and position your brand as the source of the information they seek.

Audience Targeting

Combine audience targeting with meaningful content served with impactful creative. Together, we’ll build strategies centered around the prospects and audiences you strive to attract.

Most of us consider health a high priority, but we need reminders to act as we go about our daily routine.


Brands can combine precision targeting with portable content to engage with health audiences at any time.

More Patients. But Better: The Right Ones

What We Do


Business Consultants

Our consultants make your internal team stronger, without adding staff.

Media Specialists

Placing your marketing messages within Michigan’s number one news source is just the beginning. We do digital at the local, state and global levels, targeting audiences by geography, demographics and behavioral characteristics.

Lead Generators

We grow businesses we partner with, and marketing isn’t the only way. Lead Generation is a specialty, using data you already have to create your next best customer.

Our Expertise


Driving Referrals for Your Healthcare Practice

Each referral source requires a different message and a different strategy to reach them effectively.


Combining search and display for local dentist

The companion display and search campaigns are closely geo-targeted to areas surrounding the office. Using our own publisher site as a key display position, but also the extended network (programmatic), we’re able to position the dentist with the audiences most likely to convert.


Best Practices for Marketing New Physicians

Marketing plays an important role in helping to create, communicate, and provide value to your providers’ target markets.


Campaign for cosmetic surgeon generates 90 leads

Cast a smaller, more specific net using digital technology to target your audience, and provide the frequency that smaller audience needs to recall your practice when the time is right, and take action.

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