DaySmart, a software company offering point of sale and CRM solutions for several industries, knew they needed to better understand the needs of their customers and how those needs impacted the services they provided. Prior to a refresh of their identity, the business performed extensive research around their knowledge, customer set, and team perceptions, as well as their value proposition. They also reviewed their most loyal customer set, and how referrals among industry friends was the greatest converter for the brand. All this data collection was performed prior to MLive Media Group being secured to develop branding solutions for what 123Pet and Salon Iris would become.

DaySmart, which began as a small start-up, that has grown to a large company, needed to position themselves in a competitive market. Their old logos and branding did not reflect either the clients they served or the technology-driven products they sold. The tech-set is robust, but a mobile-first approach was being incorporated into the execution and practical applications of the software solutions, further cementing the need for a rebrand.

MLive Media Group began by developing the brand personality for each

The entire DaySmart marketing team attended all working sessions and helped shape the new look of the brand. Each employee voiced opinions and insights on their experiences through the eyes of the customers or markets with which they interacted. Using the discovery research, their feedback, and our design & marketing expertise, MLive Media Group created new brands that now reflect the 123Pet and Salon Iris image moving forward. These new identities were built to speak to each of their specific audiences in an authentic voice that resonates within the industry.



Following the brand development, our team expanded this work immediately into a new site experience for these brands. Translating new logos and color palettes into a digital workspace was gratifying and immediately generated brand momentum.


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