The good news isn’t as frequent as we’d like. So, when it happens, it’s really worth celebrating.

MLive Media Group works with Leisure Living Management, a statewide senior care provider with 25 communities in Michigan, helping manage its messaging and marketing.

The spread of COVID-19 created a need for an employee recruitment campaign because the virus is changing the way the group’s staff delivers services to residents. It also became a way for Leisure Living to connect with and assist those who have lost their jobs at businesses that were closing or altering their workplace procedures in reaction to the illness.

As Leisure Living looked to adjust its marketing message, like all businesses are doing, its leaders continued to place a premium on providing the best quality of care possible by adding additional resources to their teams.

“Every decision we have made has been with resident safety as our top priority. We have had to implement some extreme measures in order to protect our communities from exposure to COVID-19, and we feel confident that we are doing everything in our power to do so,” said Elliot Talen, Leisure Living’s director of sales and marketing. “We must also support our residents emotionally, so they do not become isolated.”

Leisure Living viewed the potential crisis as an opportunity to engage its residents in a more meaningful way with additional 1-on-1 resident-to-care provider interaction and creative methods aimed at keeping residents connected to each other and their loved ones.

“We are finding innovative ways to create joy every day – from Doorway Bingo to FaceTime with their families,” Talen said.

And that meant that the recruitment effort was critically important.

This experience is a glimmer of hope for many looking for work, benefiting those that need the most support during the Coronavirus. It also offers a chance for human connection, between a new employer and its staff, between the facility and its residents, and between those most affected and those finding themselves in immediate need of work.

At MLive Media Group, supporting everyone we can during this time is mission critical for us, and this blog is just one way we are trying to respond and offer a small sense of hope.

If you would like to apply for any of Leisure Living’s available positions, please click here.

We are all in this together. The MLive team is hearing first-hand how COVID–19 is rapidly changing how Michiganders are doing business. At MLive Media Group, we are working hard to adjust to the new needs we are hearing from our valued clients and others. This blog is one way we are responding. Have a particular need? Send us a note at

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