In the next 10 years, over 20% of the US workforce will retire. That’s a growing population of well-established professionals, the majority of which have been in their current position 8 or more years. Knowing and anticipating that change could keep an HR Director awake at night.

With 53% of business leaders saying their greatest challenge is recruitment and retention of top-performing managers, great staff is a clear priority.  But any recruiter will tell you that it takes an average of nearly 2 months to find the right candidate and fill an open role.  That means recruitment tactics are increasingly important and creating efficiencies for those responsible for attracting new talent is, too.


  • Job postings occurred internally, on public job boards and in the newspaper.
  • Websites Housed Job Descriptions, with direct-to-HR contact information for applications.
  • Resumes contained CV’s, offering more reading/opportunity for recruiters to understand skills.
  • Tenure for employees averaged decades or more.
  • Baby Boomers preferred person to person interaction and engagement.


  • Job postings occur internally, on public job boards and in print.
  • Social Media sites like Linkedin offer job postings, connection and interaction.
  • Employer Review Sites like GlassDoor crowdsource critique of culture and brand.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems function as the gatekeeper for applicants and shield HR from public view.
  • Introduction of Gen Z to the marketplace, who prefer to digitize interaction.

With the landscape changed to this degree, recruiting solutions must be robust, responding to the use as his or her needs require.


  • The use of audience targeting to find a group reflecting the personas and characteristics of your desired candidates
  • Using geo-location (geo-fencing) to conquest existing employees from desirable institutions of learning or business
  • List Match previous applicants to keep your brand top of mind
  • Optimize your careers page to encourage conversions in click-to-call or, if preferred, form fills

75% of the candidate pool would consider change in their workplace or career, but only 61% of companies are seeking passive (undeclared) applicants. Take advantage of this important gap, and your organization could reap the rewards for years to come.


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