It’s official. Advance Local has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner.

Being distinguished as a Google Premier Partner signifies Advance Local is among the top 3% of Google Partners in the country. With myriad digital advertising agencies in play today, Google recognizes only a select few as top performers. Performance is based on demonstrated ads skill and expertise; ads spend requirements and client growth as outlined below.

Factors considered for Google Premier Partners

Client growth

Ability for partners to grow their existing clients and acquire new clients, measured by year-over-year ads spend growth and ads spend among first-time Google Ads clients

Client retention

Demonstrated ability to sustain client business, measured by the percentage of clients retained year-over-year

Product diversification

Demonstrated investment in results-focused product mix beyond Search, measured by the percentage of spend in Display, Apps, Video, and Shopping each calendar year

Annual ads spend

Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, measured by spend across managed accounts each calendar year

Google Premier Partners Have an edge

While the Google Premier Partner badge is something to be proud of – what exactly does it mean for our clients?

Benefits of being a Premier Partner include 24-hour advanced Google Ads support, ongoing education around the most current product betas, and the latest insights from Google each month. The ability to work closely with Google to efficiently resolve possible issues as well as staying ahead of changing consumer behaviors and industry trends translates to cutting-edge development and management of successful campaigns for our clients.

This honor distinguishes us as a top performer within the industry.

Contributed By Karen Lemke, Director, Digital Ad Operations – Midwest 


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