The world is different. It’s foreign. And it’s changing so rapidly that keeping up is difficult. Just when we think we have mastered the frequency of hitting the refresh button on the news updates, we realize we are all now responsible for home-schooling. Just when we learn to limit our social media time, our future travel plans are postponed. Just when we thought we had control of our work-life balance, new announcements are made and the exercise begins again.

We are all in this together, traversing this new existence. The tremendous marketing professionals on our team are sharing stories of their clients who, in the face of COVID-19 are realizing that their business landscape has literally changed overnight. The stories are difficult to hear second and third hand, and at MLive Media Group, we are working closely with our teams to be sure we are able to adjust in light of the new needs we are hearing from our valued clients.

As a result, our team is launching a series of blogs to assist businesses as they adjust to these new circumstances. Some may offer downloadable lists and documents. Others might offer links to resources available to small businesses. All will strive to succinctly share tips that may prove useful – realizing that we all have limited time to effect change.

Watch for these resources to be made available on in the coming days and weeks.

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Blog Posts

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