In the healthcare industry, team members are constantly running dozens of parallel tracks with their marketing strategies, each with its own purpose, feeding the overall goals of the institution. This level of complexity is cumbersome but critical.

Segmenting campaigns by service line means separate audiences see materials pertinent to them. OB/GYN creative should be served to a female audience of a certain age, for instance. Orthopaedics messaging should be delivered to a highly active, sports or trades oriented audience. There may be overlap, but a 40-year-old male should never receive an advertisement featuring a mammogram. Further, the hospital’s own branding, loyalty, physician referral or recruitment strategy should have its own campaign. As the complexity grows, the expertise of your partner must grow with it.

As such, we segment our strategy and campaign to mirror these parallel tracks within the organization — each with their own key performance indicators that dictate performance success; from positioning the institution’s expertise to customizing the message, targeting different geographies and audiences.

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Statement of Need, Provided by Client

The hospital, employing 1100 staffers, was suffering from years of disjointed marketing, high turnover among the c-suite staff and vanishing public trust; all of which was punctuated by the lowest employee engagement scores that the institution had experienced, creating poor morale. Not surprising, market share was slipping and profits dropping.

Research and Analysis

We performed a scientific sentiment analysis to understand public perception and trust for the brand and also identify their top competitors for consumer mindshare. We also implemented web, social media and SEO audits, along with an intensive review of creative. The analysis was performed on employee communications including email open rates, engagement numbers were researched extensively and we trend analyzed over the past five years. The workflow in the Human Resources Department and Marketing Department were reviewed and the onboarding of new physicians was studied. We built a market share analyzation tool to show dips in performance and emerging trends in real time. Six branding workshops with all levels of the hospital staff were performed, and sentiment collected. Analysis of influence-able areas (noted from market share tool) was scrubbed against population data to identify priority service areas. Material researched by third-party firms over the last 12 years was studied and cataloged.


The hospital had hundreds upon hundreds of incredibly talented front-line staff that were all present for the right reasons. But long-term unrest around an unstable leadership team had taken its toll on morale and the vast majority were disenfranchised. Service lines that were found to be a priority by the board were confirmed by Advance 360 as those that would create the lift required: neurology, oncology, orthopedics, general surgery. Physician onboarding contained numerous disconnects between new and old staff. An understanding of the “why” of the people inside the hospital and the hospital itself was established. Sagging recruitment had to be revitalized. The website experience contained unfriendly user experience, and the SEO tactics employed fell short of best practices. Paid search was nonexistent. In short, every piece of the hospital’s work was in need of refreshing. Our work needed to be precise and swift and generate a lift of 7% revenue growth overall (a number determined by the board of directors.)

Action Plan

Strategy and campaign for three key segments: internal (staff), external (public) and recruitment (public/conquest) including:


  • New templates for employee communications and emails.
  • Agenda flow, and production of the annual all staff meeting.
  • Internal staff interviewed and featured in social media, the staff section of the website, and publicly in front of peers.
  • Infographics and other creative elements were generated to tell the story of the hospital’s community engagements.
  • Employees were pixeled using communications and contesting, and remessaged all of the above information with a purposeful frequency.


  • Each service line was assessed, and materials developed to achieve the desired lift, for a blended revenue gain of 7%. These included but were not limited to, infographics, video, whitepapers, sponsored content, articles, blog entries, social media vignettes, and photo galleries.
  • Doctors were featured.
  • Overlap with the staff videos from the internal campaign was reused in a public sense, based on the service line for which the staff person was employed.
  • Display campaigns were developed with emotion, credibility and logic touch points in mind, and A/B testing was deployed in nearly every instance. Nothing short of a “collection of goods” describing the assets of the hospital, the talents of the staff, procedures that could be provided, and each and every piece pixeled, placed and analyzed.


  • Website was built to accommodate new traffic.
  • Landing pages established by posted job.
  • Job postings retooled and new placements made.
  • Other community hospitals of similar size were targeted with display campaigns as “feeder locations” for staff.
  • Creative established, using diverse imagery and positions, and placed appropriately to the audiences. In nearly all cases, “high tech” images as well as “emotion/staff subject matter” were A/B tested to maximize impact.
  • Materials were developed for the on boarding process to create the necessary lift.

At MLive Media Group, we know how busy you are managing the numerous campaigns your healthcare system or office requires. You need a partner that understands healthcare. Consider what it might mean to have professionals in your corner.


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