Tactically, Search is a key component to your business’s visibility. Without a strategy for active searchers, you are leaving these highly qualified leads at an arm’s length. For our regional healthcare client, search tactics have become the foundation of our discussions around their site traffic.

Starting with Content

Becoming the identified expert in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) begins with your content stream. You’ll only have a place to send these searchers if the content you are generating answers their questions. In this way, SEO and Content are soulmates. Your content, using appropriate keywords (no stuffing!) and paired with easily digested meta descriptions can generate actionable clicks for your brand. But without the content, clicking to your site won’t make sense for the audience searching.

Layer On Search Engine Marketing

Bidding on appropriate keywords for your business is central to your Paid Search effort. In the case of our client, they are the area experts for neurology and orthopedic services and procedures, among others. Finding the right keywords for these procedures takes practice, but generating a strategy that allows them to “own the category” will drive the percentage of searchers seeing their ad. Called Share of Voice, this concept and the associated percentage may be different for different business types.

Add Consumer Trusted Rankings, Like Google My Business

Engaging customers on Google through keyword bidding and other paid tactics may incite panic. Too much too soon? Start simply with Google My Business. This free business profile for your company lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Google Maps. One component is the business ranking, which crowd sources a (one through five) star ranking for your business and publishes it within your profile as it appears in search.

Using this profile feature allowed our client to gain 59,000 clicks on their business listing, more than half of which converted with click to call. That’s almost 30,000 phone calls in an approximate 5 month span. If appointments or calls are key to your ongoing client relationships as they are for our client, this is a necessary tactic for you to deploy. In the same time period, 431,000 views of the listing were achieved. That’s a big number of impressions influencing brand awareness and sentiment. (As you can imagine, the number of users ranking their organization increased dramatically, improving their rank considerably YOY.)


Used together, Search Engine Marketing, a solid content strategy, and Google My Business has resulted in search making up more than half of all web traffic for our client, with not quite 20% more users from search over the same period in prior year.


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