Michigan’s Best is both an idea and something we strive for – it’s the exploration of the peninsulas we love, it is time spent discovering the ‘everyday magic’ right in front of us; the people, food, events, businesses and activities that make our state incredible. Michigan’s Best is a spot where foodies, travel lovers, tech fans and anyone curious about life in the Mitten can find uplifting stories that might help them plan their next adventure – or just put a smile on their face.

Telling your story

Michigan’s Best began on our editorial side, MLive.com. And this remains the foundation from which we create our clients’ stories and help them reach their goals. We work with brands to customize content that meets thier specific needs, whether the narrative is framed as the star of a Spotlight Video, MI Best Podcast, Spotlight Article, Print Takeover, or Michigan Minute; or your brand supports a larger MI Best content-line, benefitting from the Halo Effect with a Vlog, Weekend Show, MI Best Day, or Made In Michigan.

Passionate Storytelling

The MI Best storytellers and content creators are people passionate about Michigan. When paired with our clients’ drive, this results in authentic, engaging content that reaches audiences well beyond Michigan.

Engaging Audiences

Engaging demographic groups from 18-65+, men and women; reaching across Michigan and beyond; on all major media (on desktop, in print, through video, and all major social platforms), MI Best’s audiences mirror those found on MLive.com.

And the MI Best reach continues to grow.

The Weekend Show

MI Best Day

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MI Best Podcast

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Contributed by Rebecca DuShane, Project & Media Management


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