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Meaningful Relationships with Potential Visitors

Travel industry pros are optimistic in the wake of a global health crisis. But they remain pragmatic. Every marketing action must drive engagement and result in sentiment lift, relationship building, and creating loyalists for the destination. For those reliant on the bed tax to fund their initiatives, spending wisely is crucial, and surgical campaign optimization isn’t a luxury.

As of August, 2021, the industry is seeing a shrinking decision journey, making engagements throughout the dreaming and planning stage for travelers even more critical. Is your campaign able to capture attention and drive action in fewer than 60 days? Fewer than two weeks?

60 days calendar


are making travel plans inside 60 days of departure

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are making plans inside 14 days

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just half are planning using pre-pandemic timelines

Target your Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Markets

You know your audience. We can find them, wherever they are in their internet travels. While we may have the number one news and information site in Michigan (Comscore, 2021), we know that your audience is much larger than our own sites. We can find and serve this audience your ads, content, engagement tactics, and more, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. Our campaigns are crafted to build relationships, not spam your prospects. Using omni-channel efforts, our professional teams work hand-in-hand with our client partners to achieve their named goals. It’s simply how we do business.

Effectively Marketing Attractions

Your campaign must strike a balance—marketing for the destination as a whole while featuring individual attractions or attributes of your area. We’ve done this for DMO’s. But it applies sometimes to the attraction itself.

Great Content Means More Connection

Storytelling isn’t a luxury. It’s how your audience feels your messaging first hand, with images and ideas shared in video, infographic, narrative and print. Our team were storytellers first.

New Tech

Streamed video isn’t new. But many destinations have yet to embrace this storytelling tactic. Served with precision audience targeting, just like other display tactics, these videos can share your message and entice travelers into the dreaming stage, without them ever leaving the sofa. (Even better if they are holding a second screen and are enticed to search for you, based on the video content.)


Mackinac Island Named Number 1 Summer Destination In America By TripAdvisor

MLive Media Group is Mackinac Island Tourism’s Agency of Record – dramatically improving the Island’s revenue through increased visitorship and lengthening the peak season. Both have seen increases – growing by more than 30% in revenue since 2011.

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