MLive Media Group provides its audiences with events inspired by the communities we serve, and the topics Michiganders finds most compelling. We thrive to provide events that highlight our community, tell their stories, cheer for our sports teams, connect, and provide quality information to topics important to Michigan.  

MLive Media Group events are educational, informative, and provide quality content to those who attend.  Hundreds of attendees are touched by each of our events. Each event is carefully designed and executed to provide our audience and sponsors a new and meaningful way to connect with each other.   

Partner with MLive Media Group and bridge the gap from your business to our audience. Event partnerships provide a brand-safe opportunity to educate, connect, and engage with the large MLive audience.  

Guide to Medicare & Golden Retirement 2022 Recap

Women’s Summit 2022 Recap

Cannabis Insights 2022 Recap

Michigan Football Season Kickoff 2021 Recap

Navigating Finances 2021 Recap

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