In a recent campaign for a well-known Michigan Real Estate Agency, it took 120 days to generate 108% greater leads which simultaneously reducing the advertising spend. That’s an outcome worthy of discussion. But more strategy goes into a campaign of this kind than is apparent in those stats.

For this effort, we delivered 2.7 million impressions.

That’s 2.7 million times that advertisements appeared in front of web users in the specific targeted geographies. Note that for this client, geography was one of several targeting metrics: we also served ads based on household income, intention to buy or sell, and other factors. Those 2.7 million ad impressions resulted in almost 150,000 unique web sessions.

Why is the unique session important?

The total audience wasn’t 2.7 million people, it was much smaller. We don’t establish campaigns to get in front of a massive audience just once.  Rather, a smaller, intentional audience that is highly likely to convert, at a proven frequency to generate that action. Of that smaller audience, 150,000 site visits were generated by users that had never visited the site before.

In other words, 150,000 chances to connect with people not known to our client.

One of the things we track is the view-through session. In the case of this campaign, during just 120 days, 5,790 site sessions came from those we knew had engaged with/seen one or more advertisements for our client.

The final result?

More than 1100 people called or contacted the agency through form fills and click-to-call.

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