One thing that every dealer is thinking: how is my business pacing against my competition? How am I pacing against the purchases in the state as a whole? In this case study, we share the immediate effect of a dynamic search campaign for a partner dealer, for which the overall market is up 5.8%, and the dealer just over 1%. This dealer needed to boost their sales in a season where just three models were pacing significantly up YOY.

For this dealer, a few things were true:

77% of their sales came from 11 zip codes. Our Dealer was Number 6 in their Market.

What did the campaign look like?

Using VIN360, a proprietary campaign technology that ties social and search activity together and generates site traffic to Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) on a dealer’s site, our partner gained access to a large, ready-to-buy audience.

This new technology is data driven. Qualitative migration of 1st party and 3rd party data to support comprehensive audience development is built into the experience for our dealer partners. The execution is simple, but the tech is revolutionary, matching the right vehicle with the right shopper in real time.

Real Results

Our dealer saw immediate results. In the first week of the campaign, the jump in site traffic and in particular to the VDPs was clear. As anticipated, the time on site, bounce rate and page counts per visit were reduced. Why? Because the users were immediately directed to the exact VDP relevant to their search.

In the first month:

Site Users Grew


New Users Grew


Sessions Grew


Session Duration Grew


But the real results are in the sales growth:

Previous: Average of 2.5 cars sold per day.

As of week one of the campaign: Average of 5 cars sold per day


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