Most industries are competitive, but none so like automotive. Dealers are constantly seeking to expand share, whether through their marketing strategies or conquesting efforts. No matter the dealer, you can be sure he is watching every number, tracking every step of his consumer funnel, and taking steps to forge a better trajectory.

At MLive Media Group, our professionals know: there are only two ways to grow share. You either invent share that didn’t previously exist, through a new product line or other offering, or you take it from a competitor.

Take this East Michigan dealer group as an example. As we launched a multi-channel campaign on their behalf, we reviewed their market share from 2018. Like most dealerships, they sold the greatest number of units in their immediate geography, so, when analyzing the data, we began there.

In 2018 (and pre-campaign) our dealer sold at least five cars in each of 14 zip codes. In 2019, the zips served by our dealer had grown to 19.



New Users




Average Session Duration



All of this data simply goes to show that when considering a campaign, know and understand where your customers are coming from, and get strategic about the geography of your audience target. Amplify your voice in your immediate area but pick target rich environments where you can make incremental increases in sales simultaneously.


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