Jennifer Nelson has worked in the field of education for two decades and is currently a special education teacher at a Detroit-area high school. She has also been a small-business owner, stay-at-home mom of three children, and most recently a church planter (but don’t call her a pastor’s wife!). 

 In 2017, Jen and her husband co-founded Journey Church in Mt. Clemens, an endeavor that has taught her more about people than anything she has ever done. Along with her husband, Jen launched a local homeless ministry and serves members of their church and community through mentoring and counseling.   

 Jen is excited to participate as a mentor in this year’s Mentoring Monday event. She is learning about the value of networking and is eagerly pursuing a career change. Personally, she is invested in staying married and raising children who will move out of her house before she is elderly. Aside from her faith, she values authenticity above all else and is hopeful that what she has learned along the way might be meaningful to others.

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