In the rapidly emerging market of retail cannabis, our client has store locations in multiple states and continues to expand. Like many of their competitors, identifying users of the product is straightforward. But in the retail space, cannabis products are increasingly available. Numbers of dispensaries are increasing, so convenience and proximity to the customer is increasingly valuable for the brick and mortar stores. Add to this marketing channel restrictions (different on each platform), and natural growing pains within the industry, maximizing customer count and increasing cart size emerges as an important metric.

This need led our strategy. We can’t necessarily influence the market to generate new users of the product. But we can influence those already in the market for it to purchase it from another dispensary.

Using Geo-Fencing to Target the Competition

The plan was straightforward. Using a conquesting mindset, our client identified 65 dispensaries to target. Using geo-fencing to target devices within those locations, users were served ads for our client while in a competitor’s store. Messages ranged from product and value to service and brand. Once the device holder departed that dispensary, our campaign remessaged those individuals at a strategic frequency.

As a marketing professional that works with a variety of partners, my experience with Darren and MLIVE has consistently exceeded expectations. Darren’s customer service is second to none, and our company is very pleased with the results of our geofencing campaign.

But the campaign didn’t end there. As the audience moved from the competitor’s locations, we also tracked how many came to our client’s dispensary. We tracked the number of ads served, how many ads it required to generate brand recall and influence them to try our client’s brand, and how many physically came to our client’s dispensary after being served these ads.

Making the Campaign Smarter as We Go

The same ad over and over eventually gets stale, so our campaigns purposefully refresh the creative every 60-90 days. We analyze those ads that drove the most engagement, adding more that emulate the characteristics of those ads, and dropping the underperformers. With geo-fencing campaigns in particular, we’re influencing the audience to take an action by physically driving to a store location. That means the creative must be fresh and appealing continually.

Within this campaign, we refresh creative every 90 days.
See what a difference that made for this campaign!

First 14 Days of the Month


Foot traffic conversions*
Last 16 Days of the Month


Foot traffic conversions*

*A foot traffic conversion reflects an individual served an ad in a competitor’s dispensary, that came within a 50 meter radius of our client’s dispensary.


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