MLive Media Group is always looking for ways to expand on our offerings for client partners. And the advertisers we work with are a savvy group. They understand the digital environment and seek opportunities that will provide a greater than expected return on their advertising investment. In Q4 2019, sweepstakes offered the answer.

A photography shop partnered with MLive for a sweepstakes promotion, offering a camera giveaway to the lucky winner. This sweepstakes was promoted on, touting the giveaway, and inviting the audience to enter to win. These digital display ads offered an introduction to the offer and to the featured business. But the real results came when an email communication was sent to MLive readers.

The sweepstakes opened on November 19. On December 3, an approximate 120,000 emails were sent to those that have opted in to MLive communications. Between these two tactics, 2,764 individuals entered to win the camera.

But even more valuable, 94% of those that entered answered a short questionnaire. This survey asked questions that would help the advertising business to better understand their customer, their needs, and desirability of their products. 18% of those that entered (501 individuals) also opted in to receive future offers or communications from the photography shop, generating a new leads list or list-matching opportunity for future connections with these consumers.

Survey Participation

Communication Opt-Ins

In just 3 weeks, this shop had 500+ new leads. They’d advertised their business to more than 120,000 people and had digital display ads that described their business and its offerings. That’s what we call a win/win.


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