MLive Media Group partnered with a university who needed a strategy for their push for financial gifts. Prior to the one day event, this strategy needed to draw attention, build awareness, and compliment the efforts already in place by the institution. By building awareness, we would be able to attract more alumni to take action the day of the event.


• Increase number of gifts YoY
• Increase Number of First Time Givers YoY
• Increase Total Giving Amount YoY
• Increase Number of Younger Donors YoY


The long runway of branding impressions built awareness prior to the day of the event. Paired with our combined efforts, these impressions resulted in a dramatic, double digit increase in direct and organic traffic and of 21% of users to the site.

• Reach: 140,190 People
• Impressions: 273,588
• Clicks: 1,991
• Unique Link Clicks: 1,079


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