Politics is about persuasion and understanding.

Before choosing a candidate to support, voters must first fully understand each candidate’s platform and how these align with their own belief systems. However, voters must often be persuaded to seek this information about each and every candidate. This puts the burden on campaign organizers to work harder to find and speak directly to the voters, who align with their candidate’s platform, about what they find important.

Use Data as a Competitive Advantage.

Imagine you’d like to reach an audience of African American women in Michigan between the ages of 35 and 54, with kids in school, a household income of $100K or more, a 40% to 60% partisan score and an interest in gun violence, police community relations, and education issues who has voted in at least three of the last primary and general elections. Mlive can reach just such an audience.

With more than 700 million monthly page views across our privately held media landscapes (which include hundreds of publications, news organizations, and the Conde Nast family of products, MLive Media group owns 177 million pieces of data (cookies) and controls nearly 2.5 billon pieces of third party data.

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Learn how to craft your political influence using world class audience targeting techniques. We can show you how, and will guide your work through the seasons of your campaign.

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