Dan Gaydou

Sales and Marketing

Charity Plaxton
Chief Revenue Officer
Michael Assink
Vice President of Sales
Nick Dionne
Senior Strategy Director
Brett Christie
Senior Retail Director
Steve Westphal
Senior Director for National Accounts
Andy Boldryeff
Director of Real Estate & Careers Sales
Khalida Cook
Director of Automotive Sales
Christy Keizer
Regional Sales Director
Ann Arbor & Detroit
Robert Graham
Regional Sales Director
Flint, Saginaw & Bay City
Jamie Dionne
Regional Sales Director
Grand Rapids & Muskegon
Andrea Sipka
Small Business Director
Jeff Leitch
Agency Relations Director
Laurel Champion
General Manager
Andrea Miller
Director of Client Retention



John Hiner
VP of Content
Kelly Frick
Senior Director of Journalism & Engagement
Colleen Stone
Senior Director of Digital Culture & Innovation
Marjory Raymer
Director of News
Bill Emkow
Director of Sports News
Jen Eyer
Director of Community Engagement