About Us

MLive Media Group is Michigan’s largest local media advertising network, allowing our advertisers to reach local audiences in communities across the state. Our company is staffed with the market’s leading advertising consultants, specializing in print, online, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Why We’re Here

The news and information world is changing, and we are confident MLive Media Group will provide great local news coverage to all our audiences in Michigan at their doorsteps, online and via mobile platforms. Our company’s philosophy is one of innovation and community engagement, measuring our shared success by that of our employees, advertisers, local communities and business partners alike.

We’re here to help our advertising partners grow their businesses by reaching their customers through our comprehensive suite of marketing tools including our print, online, mobile and social platforms.

What We Do

Full Service Media and Marketing Partner

For advertisers, MLive Media Group is a partner in targeting and reaching the customers (subscribers, readers, website users) we service on a daily basis through our print, online, mobile and social platforms.

We will assist you in navigating the evolving news landscape via innovative sales and marketing solutions.

Cross-Platform Marketing Solutions