Michigan Manufacturer Gaining Attention for Mobility Carts

Manufacturing in Michigan has a multiplier effect for the local economy. The impact the industry has on people and businesses outside its industry is the largest in the nation, with every $1 spent in manufacturing generating $1.89 in downstream economic activity. This kind of support of the local community, born of a community makes manufacturing businesses a deeper contributor than many sectors. Pair that benefit with that of a locally owned, growing entrepreneurial business, and you have a truly rich success story. It’s knowledge like this that makes MLive Media Group proud to create results for businesses like Amigo Mobility International.

A 52-year old manufacturing company born in Michigan, Amigo has a history of innovation. Decades after their first Amigo mobility cart rolled of the assembly line and established a new industry, Amigo was at it again. This time, the product developed was a line of material handling carts, designed to boost productivity in manufacturing, medical and warehouse facility management.

MLive Media Group partnered with Amigo Mobility International to create a branding campaign. This campaign introduced a new line of carts to an industry that didn’t realize there was a need going unserved.

Whether warehouse workers are attempting to haul heavy objects, a bunch of small boxes, or stock multiple trailers around an assembly plant, The Amigo material handling line increases efficiency and is built specifically for warehouse and manufacturing environments.


  • Create a brand awareness campaign introducing the new line of industrial material handling carts to middle management, HR, and other facility purchase influencers in the Great Lakes Bay and Grand Rapids regions.
  • Promote “Michigan Made” and “Improving Life Through Mobility” message for Amigo’s legacy products (outside of Dex)

While the plan was simple, execution is critically important. Leveraging the trust and authority of an engaged MLive.com audience to deliver a high-impact storytelling campaign that included the following solutions:


How Sponsored Content Exists at the Center of A Branding Campaign

For many organizations, content marketing remains an elusive concept that’s often ignored or misunderstood. Though there are a variety of textbook definitions of content marketing, at its core, content development serves to inform, educate or entertain a specific audience. Not intended to create the instant sale, content marketing instead generates a deeper understanding, and over time, possible product demand.

For Amigo Mobility, the stream of Sponsored Content was served among MLive.com articles. These materials, crafted by former Journalists and prepared to generate deeper understanding of the company and its products, benefited from the halo effect, establishing greater trust with the reader based on the location where the content was accessed. You can read more about the halo effect our advertisers experience here.


Content in Motion

Video was also a key factor in this campaign. Because 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text if both are available on the same page (Forbes Insight) and 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium (MarketingProfs), our strategists knew that the use of video to tell the story of Amigo would be effective. We also served that video in ad units within stories on MLive.com, doubling down on the halo effect previously mentioned.

In a few short months, Amigo Mobility International is already seeing an impact in website and brand engagement.


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