Kadant Solutions, located in Auburn, Massachusetts, develops various products to improve process performance in different industry verticals. With a highlighted focus on acquiring new business with food processing companies, Kadant Solutions was looking for new strategies to gain audience with some of the largest cereal manufacturers in the world, allowing for easier access to key decision makers for their sales team members. Their VeriLite™ roll cleaning assemblies, engineered to be food safe, provide food processing plants with better process manufacturing and less down time for maintenance, creating a more profitable process for Kadant Solutions customers.


  • Targeted Geofence Mobile Display Campaigns
  • Audience Building and Custom Industry Content Delivered via LinkedIn
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Kadant Branded Product Case Studies and Overview Videos
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Implementation

MLive Media Group and Kadant Solutions held strategy sessions to identify the headquarters and top manufacturing plants of two of the largest US-based cereal processing companies. The locations were pinpointed with exact lat/long coordinates, and tight delivery radiuses identified around these buildings. Utilizing mobile ad networks, specific creative elements that would capture the attention of food processing professionals were delivered to the smartphones of the employees in those buildings. Ad viewers who were compelled to click on the ads were delivered to a custom landing page, where relevant content, a case study, and a product video were provided to the user.

In addition, a coordinated LinkedIn campaign mirrored the geofence display campaign, with a custom audience built of primary decision makers at each company, such as purchasing, engineers, production and maintenance supervisors, and process improvement team members. Monthly custom content pertaining to improving food production processes was developed between the MLive and Kadant Solutions teams and delivered to this key personnel audience.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager were both implemented on the landing page and the rest of the Kadant.com site, to track the behaviors and leading indicator actions of those users who were served the highly targeted campaigns and chose to learn more about Kadant products.

Campaign Success

Due to this multi-faceted, targeted campaign, Kadant Solutions gained entry into three targeted production mills in just 18 months (this is considered to be well within the buying cycle of their customers.) These were mills that Kadant Solutions did not have contacts for and were not successful with cold calls. Each mill ended up submitting a lead via the Kadant.com website, and those leads were traced back to the geofencing and LinkedIn campaigns; each mill has been quoted and/or received an order for installation. One mill has completed their trial and has begun ordering for multiple machines in their facility. The purchase of a single unit pays for the cost of the full campaign for one year. Therefore, Kadant Solutions found significant value in the time and cost for this endeavor.


Targeted Mobile
Impressions Delivered


Landing Page Sessions via Geofence Display Campaign


Average Time on Page from Geofence Sessions

Digital Ad #1
Digital Ad #1
Digital Ad #2
Digital Ad #2
All VeriLite Content
Pageviews on
Kadant.com Up 275%
All VeriLite Content Pageviews on Kadant.com Up 275%
133 Product
Video Views
LinkedIn Traffic
Up 35%
Year Over Year
LinkedIn Follower
Growth of


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