MLive’s Cannabis Insights events provide valuable and actionable insights designed for those in the Cannabis industry and those building their Cannabis Business. Each event covers different and relevant Cannabis industry topics. Our events connect industry leaders in a meaningful, thought-provoking way, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from these industry insiders.

Hosted regularly, MLive Cannabis Insights events provide partners with an outlet to connect with the broad public of Michigan, giving them the opportunity to create relationships and build trust through Partners will communicate directly with event attendees and be included in the promotion of the event.

These educational business-to-business events give the Cannabis industry leaders and insiders the ability to learn, network, and grow from one another.

Cannabis Insights By the Numbers

Attendee Feedback

Event Sessions

Social Justice

A Conversation with
Rick Wershe Jr.

Cannabis X Real Estate

With Rob Sims, Harry Barash, and Rebecca Neil

Plant Medicine Innovation

Calvin Johnson Jr.

The Future of Hemp and Cannabis Under the CRA Umbrella

With Andrew Brisbo, Denise Policella,
and Michael Klumpp

Reimagining Cannabis
through Tech
and Automation

Cliff Miller

Building Your Own
Community Through
Social Media

With Eric Hultgren
and Jessica Golich

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