Michigan’s adult-use and medical marijuana sales is up 26.8% – putting Michigan on the map as the nation’s second largest cannabis market in the nation. While other older legalized cannabis states are declining in sales, our great state is growing leaps and bounds.

This trajectory affects all cannabis businesses, creating a marketplace that is saturated by emerging dispensaries and cannabis CPG. In the case of our client, Nature’s ReLeaf, they came to market first with medicinal cannabis, later expanding into recreational.  With a brand centered around holistic health and wellness, they came to market before the boom, and have expanded their operations to build upon Michigan’s industry growth. With three retail locations and additional sites planned, generating a steady stream of digital marketing that best reaches their exact audience was paramount.

Willing to Experiment

In the early days of their campaign, the effort was launched with digital display marketing intended for a cannabis and canna-curious audiences. This initial introduction into visibility efforts grew quickly to include new tactics.


Driving value conscious consumerism, each of these tactics contained discount messaging, immediately available with a click-to-buy. Building repetitive messaging into an effective frequency model, Nature’s ReLeaf reached their health and wellness audience in numbers that drove response and influence. In fact, in their remessaging segment, we could see significant lift.

Remessaging for Maximum Impact

When Geofencing targets around their three locations, those seeing the ads a single time were responding, but those seeing a repetitive message were responding more:


1.10% (retargeting)
.53% (in location)


.37% (retargeting)
.35% (in location)


.36% (retargeting)
.27% (in location)

Remessaging allows your brand to connect with the audience who previously interacted with your ad, website or mobile app a second or third time. This tactic gains attention for those that have indicated interest with a click, hover, or comment. As you can see here, the proof that audiences respond with increasing frequency is clear.

Consider how the blend of tactics in this campaign, coupled with a smart frequency model are supporting this dispensary in a market rife with competition.


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