After her bout with Cancer, Sol earned a job as a Lead Teacher and Director of Special Education at Timbuktu Academy of Science and Technology, an African Centered School on Detroit’s Eastside. There the name “Mama Sol” was coined. While teaching, Sol received news that she would conceive a gift, a baby boy. In order to be the type of Mother and Artist she was called to be, she reluctantly left the confines of the school walls. She promised her students she would keep the name “Mama Sol” to honor them, and made a deliberate commitment to always impress positivity on the world by ensuring her words are honest and responsible. 

As a Teacher & Mentor, Mama Sol has mothered so many for so long. She assures that it was teaching that prepared her for parenthood & taught her the importance of being an example of good.

According to Mama Sol, “Parenthood is the hardest job you’ll ever Love.”, & as a single mother rearing a young man, she truly commends the men committed beginning to end.

Motherhood has inspired some of Sol’s most profound compositions, “MANHOOD”, which is a tribute song to active fathers, was recognized by Congressman Mike Kildee & the Michigan Fatherhood Coalition. Mama Sol was a keynote performance for the Michigan Fatherhood Conference for several years & received their Special Recognition Award in 2016.

Mama Sol’s “SONS”, a song encouraging single-mothers to stay strong, gained global recognition & received over 1,000,000,000 views on social media. 

Mama Sol is an activist whose message extends across the globe. Sol has been welcomed to speak at several Job-Corps, schools, colleges, universities, churches, museums, prisons & detention-centers. Sol has a unique style in delivery that is unseen by todays motivational speakers. Lyrically, Sol has specialized skills with blending hip-hop & spoken word into motivating metaphors delivered in rhythm & rhyme that leaves the youth on the edge of their seats! Her most requested presentation is her “YOU ARE” speech & her collaborative workshop series entitled the “SELF-SERIES” focusing on the “SELFIE” & who is truly capturing & defining your “SELFIE” (Self- Love, Self- Discipline & Self Respect).

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