Hi, my name is Nicole Wax. I grew up in Fenton/Linden and after graduating from Linden High School, I spent the next 11 years obtaining my bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, my Doctor of Dental Surgery from The Ohio State University, and my Orthodontic credentials at the University of Detroit Mercy. With not a single business, marketing, or management class under my belt, I decided to open up my orthodontic practice from scratch in my hometown. In 2014, I finished my residency and immediately opened the doors to Dr. Wax Orthodontics in Linden, MI. I started with myself and one staff member who happened to be my niece. Through excellent customer service, personalized care, and extreme attention to detail in both the services we offered and the various aspects of running a business, we grew at what has been called “an unheard-of growth rate”. When a business of any kind is growing, both the business owner and all the employees have to grow and shift with it. I have a huge passion for community and I love to share what has worked for me and what I have learned along the way to motivate and inspire others in their journey. I focus a lot on team building, leadership development, and goals.  Clarity in your goals and most importantly in the plan of how to achieve your goals is necessary for growth of your business. A team that is also focused and motivated to achieve the goals of the business is instrumental to reach your highest business potential.   

On a personal side, I have a beautiful 4m old baby girl, Everly, a 5 year old son, Oliver, and I am blessed by the love of the man by my side, Ryan and my two adorable pups Gypsy (the one eyed Beagle) and Aussie (the mini Aussie).

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