Women inspiring other women is a theme this week. On Friday, October 18, 2019, history was made. NASA astronauts, Dr. Jessica Meir and Ms. Christina Koch completed the first all-female spacewalk and the world was captivated. “This is really just us doing our jobs,” Dr. Meir had said. She went on to credit the female explorers, scientists, and engineers and astronauts who came before her – women inspiring other women!

MLive Media Group wants to be among those businesses creating opportunities for women to inspire other women!

On February 24, 2020 MLive will host our first West Michigan Mentoring Monday event. This women only event will take place in the 43 markets of American City Business Journal and the Advance Local’s Media Group markets of Pennsylvania, Syracuse, West Michigan, Cleveland and New Jersey. Our collective goal is to have over 8,600 women receive coaching from 1,700 mentors. That’s nearly 10,000 of the best and brightest women across the country!

We’re bringing women and 30 influential mentors together in a casual, fast-paced coaching and “speed networking” atmosphere. Not only will we offer 1:1 speed coaching, we will also have group sessions as part of the total experience. Our intention is to create a room of women meeting, engaging and learning from one another. Mentors will have five minutes with each mentee and will talk to about 15 different women, about their careers, current employment issues, resume advice – whatever is on their minds.

  For this event to be as powerful as we know it will be, we need the help of other organizations. We anticipate companies being an integral part of this event as sponsors, which we are actively seeking now. Sponsorship opportunities available offer a wide range of benefits – brand exposure, ability to make remarks at the event, a display table to promote your company, and recognition during and after the event, to name a few.

Mentoring Monday offers a mutually beneficial experience for both mentors and mentees: mentors gain new perspectives while mentees receive professional development. None of us got where we are in our careers by ourselves. Yes, we did the hard work however, more than likely we had someone giving us advice or a support system to lean on when things got tough. For a chance to pay that forward, we would love for you or your company to be a part of Mentoring Monday.

Reach out to Monica Donahue regarding any questions you may have on this inspiring event.
She can be reached at mdonahu1@mlive.com


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