My name is Talecia Felton, and I’m the owner of A’leci Naturals located in Oak Park, Michigan. My story begins with a great desire to live a healthy lifestyle in my early forties. I began to learn all about the natural benefits of plant therapy through essential oils. These benefits range from anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression plant oils. One day I decided to incorporate a high grade, therapeutic brand of essential oils into my daily routine. 

 My overall desire was to incorporate many natural remedies into my daily life style. Most importantly, I wanted to protect my family from the COVID-19 virus. I did a lot of research, and discovered that MOST soaps are filled with synthetic toxic chemicals. I also learned that many soaps are not natural or real soap at all. Some will tend to leave a toxic residue on your body after every use. These chemicals can be absorbed into your blood stream, which can create even bigger health problems. Frustrated with all the “unsoaped” brands on the market,  I decided to start making my own all natural, anti-bacterial soap with moisturizing benefits in of August 2020. Today, we carry a full line of therapeutic soaps, moisturizers and scented aromatherapy candles. To learn more about our company and our products please visit 

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