We are all moving a mile a minute—or faster. In order to be responsive to what we’re hearing out there, MLive Media Group is acting fast to develop deeply discounted packages to get you what you need, fast. And you’ve been asking for video.

Questions we’ve received or conversations we’ve had:

  • I need to add something to my social feed that’s really visible. That probably means video, but I can’t do this myself.
  • I need to tell the world that I care about them, and I’m changing how I do business to help in whatever way I can
  • I want to lift up health care workers and other essential service workers but I’m not sure how to do it


We’ve thought about how we could help and have created two COVID-19 video packages as a result. Both rely on you to send us photos or videos (from your smartphone is fine!) and we’ll put together a message that describes what you want to say, in the form of animated or fly-in text and logo placements.



Two videos at 20 seconds each (multiple formats): $400

We’ll supply two 20-second videos in both 16:9 (LinkedIn or website) and square (Instagram) formats. We’ll set them up with your logo and tagline at the beginning and end, so if you plan to use them for in-banner video, in-stream, TrueView or social, your audience will see you brand before scrolling or skipping is possible. And we’ll do it fast—we are guaranteeing a 5 day turnaround but we’ll do it quicker if we can. For full details, download this.



One video at 30 seconds (single format): $300

A 30-second Montage video combines still imagery, music, and professionally recorded voiceover into an informative and visually captivating video. Your provided video footage can be incorporated or we can provide stock footage to meet your needs. On-screen text and motion graphics can be used to reinforce messaging and create visual calls-to-action. We’ll do this in three days, though are only offering 1 round of edits at this deeply discounted price. For full details, download this.

What kind of messaging makes sense?

  • Current status of your business (are you open, did your business hours change, etc.)
  • Change in service, such as a local restaurant may be closed for dining but now offerings delivery or curb-side pickup
  • Special deals given the current landscape
  • General videos to their clients (“Jimmy’s Tires is supporting our local economy and wishes everyone to stay safe,” etc.) 


Need to generate your own content right away? Here’s a simple get-started plan.

We are all in this together. The MLive team is hearing first-hand how COVID-19 is rapidly changing how Michiganders are doing business. At MLive Media Group, we are working hard to adjust in light of the new needs we are hearing from our valued clients and others. This blog is one way we are responding. Have a particular need? Send us a note at marketing@mlive.com.

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