Help customers find you. It’s not that clients aren’t interested (trust us, they are), maybe they simply cannot find you online. Your website can’t be effective if your target audience doesn’t see it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic traffic is a highly valuable traffic source for any website. For a business, organic traffic turns into qualified leads. We understand Search Engine Optimization is not just about keywords and rankings. It’s about Organic traffic and all the solutions that work together to achieve it. Would you rather rank first for a keyword that nets your business 10 customers a month, or tenth for a keyword that nets you a 100?

SEO is about getting in front of the right people, and gaining qualified leads that turn into customers. Our SEO campaigns focus on getting more of the right people to your website, and to your business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

No matter the size of business, we provide remarkable paid search services.  Mlive Media Group is a local company, that knows how to navigate paid search or pay per click campaigns.  As part of a complete marketing strategy, SEM campaigns that produce results for your business are important.  Our process is simple. First, we identify your company’s objectives and outline goals to build a campaign centered on achieving those goals. Campaigns are built and managed on an individual basis providing you a custom solution and ensuring optimization to produce results. Our team will report out each month on the performance of the account to ensure transparency and satisfaction.


Google Analytics certification gives our teams the capability to report beyond the click. We will build sophisticated marketing campaigns designed to drive more traffic to your website AND tell you what those visitors do after they get there. We are capable of working within Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager from installation to custom tracking and reporting.  Our monthly reporting will show both sides of the story from the amount of traffic we drive to the engagement of that traffic. Powerful things can happen when you put those two together.

Our Partners