Facebook’s big announcement regarding their News Feed makes for an eye opening and visual update. Mark Zuckerberg mentions that the updated News Feed is intended to work as a user’s personalized newspaper and that 50% of content on the News Feed is primarily visual. The focus of this update provides a simpler and visual experience for the user by increasing the size of photos within the content they post. Another big update included in the revamped News Feed is the option to view types of content throughout different feeds. Below are new features for the new News Feed layout.

  • Content is more visual– the new News Feeds will now be highlighting images throughout all posts on desktop as well as mobile. Whether you are checking-in, sharing a video, or article the photo is now the focal point of the post. As you can see in the screenshot below the layout of the new News Feed is also very consistent through out all devices.


  • Sharing articles – when sharing an article within the new News Feed, the preview for the content is more visual and takes up more real estate. The text and photo thumbnail are now bigger and Facebook is also working on displaying logo of the company that the content is from


  • Highlighted content– now when several of your friends share a post it is highlighted in your News Feed. When a story is highlighted you are also able to see which of your friends are sharing the story on the left hand side.


  • Categorized Feeds– Chris Struhar from Facebook mentions that users wanted more of a choice on what they were seeing in their News Feeds. Similar to a newspaper, Facebook has now provided categorized sections to help narrow down the content the users are viewing. Users now have the option to view content from all of their friends, brands or public figures, photos, and many more.


  • Other features that Facebook is rolling out with their revamped News Feed are more visual notifications when friend requests are sent, more noticeable check-ins that provide the map of the location, and a “New Stories” button that prompts the user to view the most recent posts which was influenced by the mobile prompt.

The new News Feed layout is geared to highlighting photos and simplify a user’s experience. It seems as if the new layout was heavily influenced by Facebook’s mobile platform. It even seems like Facebook might have ripped a page out of Google’s book, as the simplicity of the News Feed resembles Google+ significantly. Another thing to think about is how Facebook Advertising will play in the new News Feed layout. How will they appear? Will there be new ads? Are there now more targeting parameters based on feeds created? The desktop version of the new News Feed launches today and will be available for other devices in the coming weeks.