Engaging the World Wide Web

In the 1990s, with an influx of internet users, advertisers began to harness the power of online media. And we’ve never looked back. Impression advertising was one of the first forms of advertising on the internet. Today’s display advertising is much more sophisticated, strategically targeted and trackable. The most popular ad units are leaderboard and rectangle, but many advertisers are now utilizing more impactful ad units such as rich media, pre-roll video and web page takeovers.

An impression is defined as the point during which one person has viewed your message (ad). An impression advertising campaign will serve a designated number of impressions to a pre-determined audience. The audience can be targeted by their geographic location, demographic profile (age, household income, etc.), behaviors such as interests and buying habits or by the type of content they are engaging with.


Be strategic

At MLive Media Group we believe the best way to run your companies marketing campaign is to reach your target audience – whoever they are, wherever they are, on any device, and to engage with them frequently. Your digital display ads can run not only on MLive.com, Michigan’s #1 news site, but also across multiple ad networks. They also will appear on all devices, including mobile.
source: comScore, Total Audience, February 2014.

Be informed

MLive Media Group is collecting first-party data on more than 81.6 million unique visitors each month through our own website, MLive.com, as well as our Advance Digital affiliate and Conde Nast sites. First-party data is more reliable and allows us to create more effective targeting decisions for our clients and advertisers.
source: Lotame Crowd Control Solutions, April 2014. 

Be mobile

A Pew Research Center study found that 68% of Americans access the internet using a mobile device.  Advertising on both smartphones and tablets is crucial to any campaign due to the increase in web traffic from these devices.  Impressions can be served across almost all websites and across all devices.  Learn more about our mobile solutions.

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