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Why should mobile be considered with every marketing campaign? According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 91% of adults in the United States are cellphone users and 58% of American adults have a smartphone. A similar Pew survey found that over one-third (34%) of US adults ages 18+ own a tablet device like an iPad, Kindle Fire or Google Nexus. These numbers are impressive, but action is key. According to e-tailing group research, one in three mobile users have made a purchase via a mobile device in the past 6 months.

This is where MLive Media Group comes in. Our marketing experts will help you determine the best mobile marketing strategy to accomplish your goals and reach your potential customers. Whether you’re considering mobile display ads, mobile PPC, mobile social, QR codes, mobile-optimized websites, location-based messaging, mobile video, mobile coupons, apps or text messaging, MLive Media Group is here to help. So give us a call or text us. We’ll grab our iPads and help you build the mobile marketing plan you need to succeed.


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The argument used by every teen looking to get their hands on a new phone is actually true. A Pew Research Center study found that 91% of American adults have a cell phone and 58% have smartphones.

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A Millward Brown study shows that the average American spends over 151 minutes daily staring at their smart phone. This makes it the most popular screen in the U.S., overtaking the television. 

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In the US, 28% of adult cell owners use their phone to get directions or recommendations based on their current location.

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