Behavioral Targeting

We offer best-in-class targeting capability.

We have the ability to precisely target your best customer through online behavior, relevant content, shopping intent, transactional data and more.

Through real-time bidding and third-party data providers, we reach a higher quality targeted user and deliver your message more accurately and efficiently.

Our targeting and extended network advertising solutions include mobile delivery and re-messaging options. All of our inventory is delivered in premium positions.

Do you specialize in fashion, golf, travel or something else? We can also build custom ad networks to increase your control over your campaign and brand management. As a sister company to Condé Nast, we can access premium brand websites–such as Wired, The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler and more–reaching more than 18 million monthly unique users.1


  1. comScore, January-June 2012 (Monthly Average).