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Content marketing is a strategy in which you distribute relevant and unique information about your company, products and services and industry. This approach is often described as the art of communicating without selling. You’re delivering information when people seek it, either through a search engine like Google, within industry sites, social media or your own website.

At MLive Media Group we employ numerous content marketing strategies based on what your goals and objectives are. Content marketing is most efficient when utilizing a strategic mix of multiple techniques including but not limited to white papers, blogging, employee blogs, eNewsletters, infographics and eBooks.

Companies and advertisers are utilizing content marketing in major ways and are increasing their efforts year over year because they see value and return on investment. It is simply an online PR effort that allows your company to be seen as an authoritative source and industry leader.  Each content post generates SEO value, referral traffic and social media currency.

content marketing

MLive knows content

MLive Media Group creates and distributes branded content using the same award-winning journalistic approach that has helped us to become the #1 news website in Michigan. (source: comScore, February 2014.)

Social Media currency

All branded content articles on MLive include social sharing functionality, including Facebook and Twitter, to help clients jump-start the conversation.

Integrated approach

Content marketing with MLive Media Group includes content, social media, mobile, email and display ad impressions delivered across all devices. Our turnkey approach makes it simple for you. 

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