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At MLive Media Group, we share your goal of getting the highest return on your investment. One of our greatest tools for achieving this is our people. We dedicate a campaign coordinator to monitor and optimize your campaign to meet your goals and objectives throughout the entire life of your campaign.

The type of analytics varies greatly depending on the products incorporated into your campaign. Here is a sample of what we work with and share with you:

  • Impression advertising click-thru rate
  • Audience profile reporting – includes demographics, interests, and geography
  • Interaction and viewability with digital ads – includes hover, click, time spent and interaction with ad
  • UTM code tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Call tracking reporting and monitoring


Key Performance Indicators

KPIs aren’t usually defined by impressions, clicks, GRPs, and CPMs. We will give you real performance metrics so we maximize your ROI. 

Emerging Metrics

Are you measuring viewability, average brand interaction time, view-thru conversions? You should be. Contact us and we’ll tell you why.

We know your customers

With our first-party data and over 30 different sources of third-party data, we might know a little about your target audience (sarcasm intended).

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