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We set out to change the landscape of local news. In addition to 24/7 news on any device, our newsrooms and news feeds are built for maximum interactivity and responsiveness to readers. is Michigan’s #1 news website.

For over 175 years our newspapers have been your local connection. Available for home delivery and on countless newsstands. Become connected today visit our membership site.
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A driving force in the digital economy, MLive Media Group is an audience-first venture encompassing content, sales and marketing professionals who preserve the strength of our newspaper heritage while pursuing innovation in the digital space.

Cross-Platform Marketing Solutions.
We pride ourselves on all of the solutions we can offer. Print, online display, video, mobile, SEO, SEM, email, social media, content marketing, graphic design, web development, and analytics/business insights. Passion drives us to develop new custom solutions instead of fitting you into a generic package we built last year.
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While the bulk of our team is right here in Michigan, our colleagues throughout the Advance Local group of companies have our backs. In fact, Advance Digital won the 2014 Digital Advertising Partner of the Year award and is a Google Adwords™ Premier SMB Partner.
A [TRUE] career path.
People probably think MLive Media Group is an old newspaper with a new name. That’s not really who we are. Desire change? Love a challenge? Demand to learn? Become a [TRUE] marketer.

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