The video sharing app, Vine, is now the top free iPhone app. If you’re unfamiliar with the relatively new social media platform, Vine is an app that links with Twitter and shares very short (only six seconds to be exact) videos to the masses. It’s not only a fun platform for people, but brands as well.

Vine is just one of the more recent platforms for businesses to utilize and develop a personality that is attractive to current and potential customers. Social media is hot bed for large and small businesses since that’s where everyone else is. Locking up the proper Twitter handle and setting up a Facebook page is now embedded within the beginnings of a business. If your business isn’t already leaving a social media footprint, then it’s time to get started.

Social media offers real-time engagement and a place to respond to both positive and negative feedback. Your business can properly build an atmosphere that people will want to participate in.

While there will be opportunities to conduct business on these channels, you really should use them as an outlet for your brand’s personality. You may handle promotional endeavors, customer service situations, and generate sales, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the process.

Several companies like Taco Bell, Denny’s, and Chuck E. Cheese have really risen to the occasion and capitalized on the opportunities social media offers.

If you look at Taco Bell’s Twitter feed it is rich with retweets from both regular citizens and celebrities and contains an array of back-and-forth dialogue. They don’t just promote – they converse. Taco Bell also made news earlier in the year when they responded to and granted a Facebook request for a Taco Bell speedo for the user to wear in high school swim meets.

On social media, Taco Bell is very serious about their brand but they are serious about it by not being business-as-usual. They’re fun, engaging, and creative — making for a great personality.

A lot of small businesses aren’t going to have the celebrity-endorsing power Taco Bell has, but they can certainly get there with the right social media attitude. With whatever social media strategy and practices your business comes up with, the implementation of fun should definitely be involved. Everyone is accessible through social media, it’s your job to be inviting and fun.