For over thirty-five years, our client has operated in the office space industry, specializing in high quality remanufactured, used and new office furniture. MLive Media Group has worked with this partner in a limited capacity since 2011.

  • Discovery

    Initially, the partnership represented only one layer of our client’s marketing tactics. They relied primarily on marketing through advertisement placement in small magazines, events with a regional baseball team, and limited social media efforts. As these endeavors became increasingly difficult to manage in-house and wasn’t driving the customer engagement they would like, our partner decided to invest with MLive Media Group on a greater scale. After amplifying our relationship, in 2015, we were able to build a comprehensive strategy that utilized several key products.


Search Engine Marketing

Our client utilized search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns with MLive Media Group for several years before committing to a comprehensive marketing strategy.  The data that we have collected since our client initiated a full campaign indicates two things:

A substantial increase in qualified leads.

The power behind MLive branding campaigns.

The 2014 campaign utilized only SEM, while the 2015 campaign included extensive branding efforts.  The most important takeaway from this case study is understanding the importance of a comprehensive marketing campaign. When only employing a product by product strategy (for example: just SEM and Social Media Services) you miss the ability to reach your complete audience.

The success of this campaign becomes increasingly evident when examining goal completions in Google Analytics. The data indicates that between May and June MLive’s work can be directly linked to nearly 50% of total goal completions with 113 conversions. This campaign has increased conversions by 100%. In addition to the increase in conversions, a notable trend in site traffic emerges. We noticed that there is a potential correlation between MLive traffic and organic traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Our client had demonstrated a commitment to the maintenance of a positive social media presence because of that we made it one of our objectives to place an increased focus on Social Media — LinkedIn in particular — to drive results.

Though they were initially hesitant about its potential to be effective, our LinkedIn campaign proved to be one of the most successful elements of this project. Within the first month of the campaign, the Business Partner who handles this client had built a list of 35 qualified leads (people that have interacted with the page, which means they are following the brand) complete with name, industry, and personal information. We were able to offer these to our client as evidence of the difference that a comprehensive Social Media strategy can make.

By leveraging our client’s presence on LinkedIn, in just one month (April), we were able to boost engagement by 43 clicks and 5,460 impressions. In May the LinkedIn campaign generated 60 clicks and 9,070 impressions with an increase in follower growth to nearly 850 total followers. Each one of these clicks and impressions represent a qualified lead for our client. Throughout this campaign we have positioned our partner as a thought leader in its industry; the company now has increased credibility that industry leaders — and potential customers — can use to ask questions and seek recommendations. The leads generated from LinkedIn offered our client a population that is ready to engage, become brand advocates, and make a purchase.

Display Impressions and Creative Remessaging

This campaign utilized targeting to serve the most desirable communities. We used static advertisements and responsive rich media to drive powerful results. The final step of the display campaign was remessaging their target audience.

Remessaging has been proven to increase brand recognition and conversations. According to a comScore study, retargeted ads lead to a 1046% increase in branded search, a clear sign of heightened brand awareness and recall.2

In this campaign we utilized site remessaging which recognizes any unique visitor to our clients website and serves them additional advertisements, on third-party websites, up to 5 times. In this case, remessaging achieved an average CTR of .06, which is above industry standards.

When considering the work that MLive provides, remessaging is an integral aspect of each campaign. It is a strong vehicle to maintain consistent communication with the target market, increase awareness and engagement, and guide the audience towards conversion.

Campaign Summary: Overachieving Our Client’s Goals

With a comprehensive MLive Strategy, our client’s goals were overachieved.

  • A substantial increase in qualified leads.
  • An outstanding increase in CTR through SEM.
  • 100% increase in conversions (sales).
  • Leads generated from LinkedIn and boost in engagement.
  • Successful remessaging that drove CTR above industry standards.

When a strategic digital campaign has many layered elements and is targeted toward a particular — identified audience — nearly any challenge can be overcome. Our client partner is beyond happy with the results that this campaign has achieved.


2. 8 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign.

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