Newspaper’s Thanksgiving magic

Ah, Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie….and the biggest, best newspaper of the whole year!

Early in my childhood, the morning of Thanksgiving Day represented my first experience with the newspaper. The paper was always on the porch ready for the taking and I grabbed it, inevitably still in my pajamas. My siblings and I argued over who would get the Toys ‘R Us ad first. Mom always had to tell me to give the ad up and let my sister have a turn. The Meijer ad was usually my next go-to, with pages and pages of the latest toys and games.

Thumbing through each ad, we all circled what we wanted. For me, it was often the latest Barbie car, dream house, or Cabbage Patch Doll. Each time I went back through the circular, I usually found a couple more items that caught my eye. Then, we enthusiastically added our finds to our already expansive (and expensive!) wish list letters to Santa.

In my family, this time with the newspaper was the official start to the Christmas season. Though it may seem materialistic, it always felt bigger than “stuff” –this newspaper experience was more about embracing the joy, wonder and hope that the holidays bring to a child.

Across MLive’s eight newspaper markets, a whopping 437,528 families, from the young to the not-so-young-anymore like myself, read the Thanksgiving Day paper last year. The newspaper remains to be the top consumer destination for sales and deals. Nationally, 79% of adults regularly take action toward purchases based on newspaper advertising˟.

To many retailers, Black Friday is the make-or-break sales day of the year. The Big Box stores and local merchants alike rely on the Thanksgiving Day paper to communicate the best deals of the season, “doorbusters”, and can’t-miss discounts. This includes the circulars and the ads printed in the newspaper itself.

As a business, you too can participate in the magic of this year’s Thanksgiving Day newspaper and bring a boost to your Black Friday sales. And as a reader, I encourage you to share the joy of newspaper advertising with your family this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

˟source: NAA 2014 How America Shops and Spends

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