It takes more than advertising to TRULY grow a company.
There are three kinds of people: Salespeople, Marketing Professionals, and a Business Consultants. Who do you think you’d want to do business with?

Not all Account Executives are created equal

Advertising and marketing has evolved into a world that barely resembles the good old days of Madison Avenue. Today marketers have more media options, more measurement tools, more sophistication, more self-control and more confusion trying to connect with consumers. Unfortunately there is one other noise factor, the salesperson.

Who is helping you through the maze?
Marketers and business owners have to find their own way through a dark cornfield and too often they have dozens of salespeople shouting directions at them. However, most of those salespeople don’t even know where that marketer is trying to go. These are often the loudest voices. There are some that may know where they are trying to go, but have to idea how to tell them to get there. There are a select few who know where the marketer is going, can tell them the fastest way to get there, will know why it is important and what happens when they get there. They will also know where they should be going next. These people are hard to find, but they do exist. Who is helping you through the maze?

This illustrates three main types of people who sell media:

Media Salesperson: This is anyone who is employed by a media company, whose job is to generate revenue. All they need is a car and a telephone. You can often recognize these people when they show their latest ranker/ratings etc. These people are driven by their employer and commission payouts. They don’t understand marketing, they don’t know your business and truthfully, they don’t really care.

Marketing Consultants: These people understand how to use media to effectively connect marketers with consumers. These people know that their medium, their site/publication/station/billboard etc. are not the only way. They are empathetic with the marketer and objective in finding the best way to connect commerce and consumers. Effective marketing and creating valuable experiences for the marketer drive these people.

Business Consultants: These people understand how to produce direct revenue for the marketer by using effective marketing through a variety of media options. These people not only know what an average sales means, closing ratios, profit margins, revenue streams, ROI etc., they NEED to know this to be effective. These people are hard to find, but they are the difference between “spending” money on advertising and “investing” in marketing. Generating revenue to fuel the marketer’s organization and creating ROI is what drives these people. They truly make a difference.

So ask yourself, whom are you listening to?

So ask yourself, whom are you listening to?
Who is directing you through the dark cornfield? When it comes to your marketing investment, you don’t need another media salesperson. They won’t help you. You are better with a marketing consultant, but they can only get you so far. You NEED a business consultant. Your investments are real and they should be taken seriously. Work with someone who is driven to generate a return on your investment. Those people are hard to find but they do exist. Demand a business consultant, except nothing less.